gotooffice Group will provide perfect-fit solutions that enhance high-performance and support thriving work environments for our client partners. We will contribute passion, expert knowledge, high-quality products, and superior service to our valued customers via our multi-talented, dedicated team. gotooffice Group will be the benchmark of all office furniture providers.


gotooffice Group was founded by Chuck Heinemann in partnership with Indoff, Inc. on the principle, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

For 43 years, Indoff has served the needs of INDustry and OFFice. The Indoff business model is unique. Indoff combines the financial strength of a $120 million plus national distributor with the expertise, talents and service of local organizations such as gotooffice Group.


gotooffice Group is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley: San Jose, California, and serves the San Francisco Bay Area with national capabilities.

How Are We Different?

gotooffice Group operates with a “FASTER-BETTER-FOR LESS” strategy. What does this methodology mean to you? It infers quantifiable advantages – from shorter lead times to better-quality products to better value-add services to significant savings.

FASTER: We’ve provided office furniture and service solutions for several decades so we don’t mess around and we don’t waste time!   From initial contact to successful project implementation, we will structure an efficient project.

BETTER: We provide the better (actually, best!) solution! We enjoy key relationships with hundreds of carefully-selected manufacturers so that we may offer the perfect-fit solution to you, our valued customer. (We are not like our local counterparts and contracted to sell a primary manufacturer’s product line; we tailor our solutions to meet your functional, aesthetic and cost requirements.)

FOR LESS: We are the most affordable solution – and we guarantee it! Our partnership with Indoff differentiates us from our local counterparts as we are privileged with manufacturers’ deepest national discounting rather than manufacturers’ regional discounting. We pass these savings onto you! We operate with less overhead than our local counterparts as we showcase our products at our client’s work environments rather than an expensive showroom. We pass these savings onto you!

Giving Back

We donate 5% of our profits to local charities. Thank you for helping us help others!